What is the difference between a Spinning Rod and a Fly Fishing Rod?


People who love to fish, like myself, know that the only thing matters is that you have a good time fishing, wherever you are, but to some fishermen, the enjoyment is in the action. Fly fishing and regular fishing (spin fishing) are basically the polar opposite of each other.


People go fly fishing to truly challenge themselves as fishermen, while spin fishing is more of a casual endeavor used for more casual fishing. With the more casual approach of spin fishing, you have a better opportunity to bond with your kids and/or grandkids, but avid fishermen would much prefer the opportunity to bond with a fellow fisherman by fly fishing. Yet, at the end of the day they’re both fishing.


Fly fishing is more of an endeavor compared to spin fishing. You typically sit down and toss the line, usually with a heavy lure, in spin fishing, but in fly fishing you toss the line with more of a false cast maneuver and have a lightweight lure, like a flies or streamers.


While you can practically do spin fishing anywhere, it’s better that you do fly fishing in moving water, as it will bring the lure to you and mimic a fly landing on the water better. This greater emphasis on technique and skill with fly fishing is what draws a lot of fishermen to it. You’re actively trying to imitate a fly on the water to trick a fish into going for the lure, usually trout, and it’s honestly a more active experience compared to spin fishing. Though since the experience is more active, it doesn’t lend itself to more casual fishermen and beginners.


The ease of spin fishing is what lets it become a family activity and family bonding experience, while fly fishing is more relegated to a way to deepen bonds with fellow fishermen. The beauty of spin fishing is that you can sit down with the family and chat. A grandpa and his grandson can cast the rod on a lake and just sit there on the deck, and once the fish is caught, they can share the excitement of catching a fish. But you must know how to choose a spinning rod and how to use it.


A spinning rod is easy to use and lends time and leisure to stories and a more relaxed form of fishing. Fly fishing, on the other hand, tends to bring fishing enthusiasts together. Two friends just trying to see who could catch the biggest and/or the most fish. Fly fishing is a challenge, and a challenge is more of a fun way for friends to enjoy time together. Though most people might prefer the spin fishing to the fly fishing, they both bring people together with a strong sense of enjoyment.


That very enjoyment is what makes the two polar opposite techniques of spin and fly fishing so similar; they allow people to enjoy themselves by fishing. The mere fact that people are finding enjoyment in the act of fishing brings spin fishing and fly fishing together.


A father who spent time with his young son spin fishing, might spark an interest in the boy to explore different kinds of fishing like fly fishing, and that son will go to find friends who enjoy his enthusiasm for fishing. Thus, fishing brings more people together. A person who avidly enjoys fly fishing will always return to the calm of spin fishing. Fishing in itself is just a fun to do, no matter how you do it.


That’s why fishing is still around today; it brings us untold amounts of joy while feeding us. It also lets us form bonds with our fellow man. Fishing is a beautiful sport that humans will continue to enjoy for years to come.